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“…the warning lights had been flashing for days and the entire mess was completely avoidable.”

Companies have no idea how close they are to an unplanned outage.

In the real world, IT systems crash every day, costing businesses monstrous sums of money. Every business might have different needs when it comes to RPO and RTO, but when it comes to unplanned outages, the need is the same: DON’T CRASH !!


Help me prevent crashes

Please send me the OpenEdge Crash Prevention Checklist!

5 Crash Risks for your OpenEdge Database

1. Incorrectly killed users
2. Long transactions
3. Inadequate AI management
4. Ignored corruption
5. Embarrassing, unforgivable oversights

These risks have been well-known for years, and yet we still talk to new customers almost every month that call us after having been down for hours, waiting for tech support to send them yet another link to a knowledge base entry. 

Fill the form below to download our Crash Prevention Checklist and eliminate these 5 risks from your OpenEdge environment.


In case you’ve never heard of White Star Software, we’ve been the #1 OpenEdge DBA firm for over 30 years. Our experts are among the most sought-after in the world and include names that you’ve known and trusted for decades: Paul Koufalis, Adam Backman, Tom Bascom and Dan Foreman.

Between us, we’ve likely seen every conceivable database crash, and a few inconceivable ones too. So it’s safe to say that when we see one of these 5 mistakes in an OpenEdge environment, we know that a crash is a question of when, not if.

Help me prevent crashes

Please send me the OpenEdge Crash Prevention Checklist!